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Time is a precious commodity and that's why we appreciate volunteers highly. With your time and effort we can work together to support families.

Four Syrian ladies learning
Community group offering family support
A women and stood next to a group of children
Three ladies smiling

Would you like to Volunteer?

Our volunteers are involved in providing:​

  • English conversation (one:one and/or in groups)

  • Homework support

  • Mentoring individuals/promoting social integration through introductions to community groups and activities

  • Fund raising

  • House maintenance and support

At present we have enough volunteers providing English conversation and mentoring to individuals.

But we need help with running after school activities for school age children and with fund raising.

If you might be able to help with either of these activities please do contact us.

Picture of a local volunteer

"Volunteering to teach English has been a wonderful experience.  It has widened my world during this time of the pandemic.  Getting to know people from other parts of the world has been a privilege."

Picture of a local volunteer

"Working with these lovely young adults in developing their English communication skills has been a wonderful, enriching experience. Encouraging them through the challenges, celebrating with them in their progress, and learning from them along the way, is a real privilege. Their English will be better than mine soon!"

Picture of a local volunteer

"I was one of several volunteers involved in soliciting, collecting and delivering donated kitchen goods and bedding, and sorting and installing these.  Two descriptive words would be exciting and community-building.  The lines between giving and receiving were truly blurred!"

Picture of a local volunteer

"After it was no longer possible to meet in their home due to Covid, two of us have enjoyed weekly sessions on zoom. We have a language practice worksheet which opens up discussion too and this often leads to laughter. One of the sons also enjoys walking with me and my dog."

Local  Volunteer

Local  Volunteer

Local  Volunteer

Local  Volunteer

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